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Division of Clinical Pharmacology
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Brent Petty, MD
Hospital Pharmacologist
Associate Professor, Medicine, and Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences

Johns Hopkins University
600 N. Wolfe Street, Halsted 505
Baltimore, MD 21287-5554
Phone: 410-955-8181
Fax: 410-614-9978


Research Interests:
Phase I clinical trials; comparative clinical trials of antimicrobials; new treatments for peripheral neuropathy; treatments for macular degeneration; medical consultation and preoperative testing

Selected Publications:
Creticos PS, Adams WP,. Petty BG, Lewis LD, Singh GJ, Khattignavong AP, Molzon JA, Molzon JA, Martinez MN , Lietman PS, Williams RL. (2002). A methacholine challenge dose response study for development of pharmacodynamic bioequivalence methodology for albuterol metered-dose inhalers. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 110:713-720.

Brotman DJ, Segal JB, Jani Jt, Petty, BG, Kickler, TS. (2003) Limitations of D-dimer testing in unselected inpatients with suspected venous thromboembolism. Am J Med. 114: 276-82

Mercado DL, Petty BG. (2003) Perioperative medication management. Med Clin North Am. Jan; 87(1):41-57.

Katz J, Feldman MA, Bass EB, Lubomski LH, Tielsch JM, Petty BG, Fleisher LA, Schein OD, and the Study for Medical Testing for Cataract Surgery Team. (2003) Risks and benefits of anticoagulant and antiplatelet medication use before cataract surgery. Ophthalmology. 110:1784-8.

Petty BG. (2004) The place for ACE inhibitors. J Gen Intern Med 19: 710-11.

Polydefkis M, Sirdofsky M, Hauer P, Petty BG, Murinson B, McArthur JC(2006) Factors influencing nerve regeneration in a trial of timcodar dimesylate. Neurology 66:259-6

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